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Orchid Plant


  • An  Orchid conveys pure affection and represents mature charm. With a universal message of love, beauty, & luxury.
  • Light: As a general rule, orchids are light-hungry plants. For best results, they should get 12 to 14 hours of light each day, year-round. In a tropical environment, the duration and intensity of natural light does not vary as it does in temperate climates. For this reason, you may need to move your orchids around, and supplement with artificial light to keep them happy during the winter months.
  • Watering:As a very general rule, orchids should be watered once a week. The growing medium should be allowed to dry out between watering, and excess water should not come in contact with the roots or the growing medium. After being re-potted, most orchids will not resume active growth for several months. Water very sparingly during this readjustment period


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